multiple types on one head starting with puberty

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My 17 year old has constantly changing hair. Was fine and barely wavy until age 10 and the onset of puberty. Suddenly we have zigzag hair popping up in clumps. Now she has Swaves, almost straight, 2b/3ab, one patch of finger waves on the left side close to her part and last but not least there are still zigzag and a few corkscrew hiding up in there. However do we deal with so many types?..


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    It can be challenging to deal with multiple curl patterns (I have them myself!).

    I would start by focusing on the overall health of her hair. Does she follow the curly girl method, or does she want to try? Over time (weeks-months!), by dropping cleansing with sulfate cleansers or using water insoluble silicones in her styling products, the curls can find their true way in life There is a lot of good reading on the site; if you are unfamiliar with CG you might want to read this guide as I find it easy to follow. And it doesn't have to be expensive. CG doesn't work for everyone, so don't feel bad if it doesn't work out for her. I follow a modified regime and don't sweat the small stuff.

    If she's already following the CG method, a good haircut or style can do wonders. Even with my multiple patterns I do not get a specific "curly" cut but my stylist, who has curly hair as well, is willing to work with my hair to achieve the best results. I get some areas of my hair cut a little differently (shorter, mostly) to hide the fact that my straight bits are shorter than the curly bits if they are all cut to the same length. My left side isn't the same as my right and I tuck it behind my ear, often! I find it a good idea to cultivate a good relationship with the person who cuts my hair.

    With beautiful long hair like hers, she could try braiding damp hair at night to create a more consistent wave pattern, perhaps. My hair is never consistent in its pattern(s) but I do find that there are some styling tricks that work ok for me. Some products work better than other and this is highly individual! What works for a lot of folks doesn't work for me. I'm ok with that ;-)

    I hope this is somewhat helpful! I try to focus on my hair's overall health and embrace what God's give me at the moment (which changes as I age!).

    Good luck!
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