Coconut oil spray/spritz?

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Has anyone used/bought/diy'd a coconut oil spray or spritz? Just curious what experiences people have had with it.
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    Coconut oil can be applied by using your fingers, so there is no need for a spray. Unless, the coconut oil is combined with other type of oils then a spray head should be fine.
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    @itslisa when it's warm coconut oil does turn into a liquid, which can make it easier to disperse than when it's in its solid/cream form.

    I've personally never used it in spray form, I actually don't use it on my hair at all any more. But I imagine it'd be quite a handy thing if your hair likes coconut oil. You need to be careful not to spray too much though and to focus less on the roots and more or the ends/middle. I find coconut oil can make my hair look super greasy in an instant.
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    Hi their,
    I've never tryed coconut oil in a spray I have coconut oil in solid form but it melts in your hands and just put it through my hair that way. ��

    L x

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