how to use shea moisture

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I bought some shea moisture conditioner today but am reading it has no slip. My hair tends to tangle easy so I'm worried about having a mess on my hands. Do you use your regular conditioner first and then follow up with the shea or vise versa? Thanks!
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    The only way to know if it works for you is to try it.

    Seems kind of pointless to me to use a normal conditioner and then your SM conditioner. You don't want to over moisturise and it seems like total overkill. Just use your SM conditioner after shampooing and then try and detangle and see how it works.

    I used to use SM conditioner but stopped because I found options with more slip (still love their shampoo though!). It doesn't mean it has bad slip, just that I found better. Everyone's hair is different though - there's no point worrying until you've at least tried it out
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