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corinniePopcorinniePop Registered Users Posts: 138 Curl Neophyte
Yesterday I bought Yes to Cucumbers Total Shine shampoo and Garnier Pure Clean gel. They seem to be pretty much natural, but are they? Have you gotten good results with either or both of these products? I can't seem to find reviews of the Y2C anywhere, only the color care version. I've also been using Naturally Silk Elements cleansing co-wash and deep nourishing conditioner for a short while. Are these good too? I'm trying to be a good CG follower, but I'm not very good at interpreting ingredient lists yet!


  • Curlybeauty_xoCurlybeauty_xo Registered Users Posts: 24
    Look at the ingredients. I don't like using gels cuz I don't think they're natural at all. I tend to use creams or lotions cuz I like my curls to be soft & bouncy. But that's just me. Idk what you prefer, but I haven't used either of those products. But idk of any all natural gels. Unless you count the SM coconut & hibiscus curling souffle. It's like a gel but it's all natural.
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  • jenny123jenny123 Registered Users Posts: 11
    I would never use garnier. It's a bottle of trash.

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