Are your curls easier to manage now that they are silver?

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Do you find your hair is less reactive to the variable, ie, weather, humidity, temperature? Do you find that it does not matter quite as much what product you use to achieve good curl? I know my curls are easier to manage since I got it bobbed, but - it also seems to react less. So now I am wondering if at least some of the "finicky hair issues" I had were because of the hair dye....


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    it's easier in the sense that i am dealing with all my hair being natural. i do find, however, that the white parts lose moisture rapidly. but, i did find a great solution -- i now seal most days with spiral solutions emollience butter and my hair is happy. today i am actually going for 3rd day hair simply because my hair looks good and i decided not to bother washing it today. i do owe the 2nd, 3rd day hair to both ss emollience and curl junkie products -- cccc in winter and now pattern pusha. throw in some cj deep fix as my leave in, and :occasion7:
    you cut off quite a bit of hair if i remember, so it could be that the combo of shorter hair so length is not pulling out curls, and that it is now all one one, no dye. whatever it is, you should be happy!

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    Yes, rbb, I sure did cut off quite a bit. An inverted bob. I am thinking now of adding in more length...cannot decide. Yes the curls do form easier without as much length, I believe...but could also be from no more coloring...

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