Basic training hair styles?

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I leave for Army basic training in August. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my hair. It's extremely thick 4b/4c. I usually wear my hair in twists, but boot camp is 2 months so I'm scared that it will start to dread. My hair goes all the way down to my neck and when I try to put it in a low bun, it never works because it's not long enough. In basic, I heard I will only have about 3 minutes to shower so I can't waste time struggling with my hair. Any advice? If I can't figure out anything before I leave, I'll just have to cut it. I'm not concerned about what to do with my hair after training.


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    What about cornrows? Braids hold up better than twists when wet or washed. Are you allowed to wear a bandana or scarf over your head?
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    What are all the styles you know how to do now?

    I don't think you should cut it. Cornrows sound like a good one.
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    I've attached some photos with hairstyles I've done that I think may work for you. There's the halo braid which only takes about 5 minutes to do or less (depending on how fast you are at braiding)! And the other style is braided sides and back with a pompadour in the front. This is a style you would have to do before you leave out for basic training but it lasts long ! Also maybe you could try two french braids:)

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