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Hello! :blob4:

I want to preface this by saying that I am very new to having curly hair. I literally had Jamie Lee Curtis style short straight hair for 25 years. Recently I decided to grow it out and discovered that I had some curl, although it was very frizzy.

By visiting this site, I was able to determine that I was using all the wrong things on my hair (protein conditioner when I should have been using moisturizing conditioner, brushing out the curls, etc), so I went to the salon and had a clarifying treatment and layers cut in. What I discovered after that was that I was way more curly than I imagined: 2c, with curls that start right from the scalp. The hairdresser said my hair was coarse, but that it was medium porosity and medium density.

I bought the Paul Mitchell Curls line products from the hairdressers to start out with but have already picked up some As I Am Coconut Co-Wash after seeing it mentioned several times on here.

Having been a wash-and-go gal for so long, the idea of product is a bit daunting and confusing. What I have been using is either the As I Am or the Paul Mitchell Shampoo (sulfate free), the Paul Mitchell wash out conditioner, a Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner and then their Twirl Around Curl Definer.

I have tried both plopping, which seems to flatten the curls at the top of my head, and diffusing, which seems to add frizz. My curls don't clump all that well, and while it does seem to stay mostly curly, it has that "wet" look that I really don't want.

I did get a DevaCurl hair towel and used it today. I can't say that I have noticed any real difference from drying with a t shirt... (shrugs)

I really like the idea of going natural curls, but am at a loss as to how to improve what I am doing.

From what I am reading, should I also be using a hard hold gel on top of the product I'm already using? (I've tried looking for the Biosilk Rockhard Gel, but no one in my area seems to carry it)

Also, 2nd day hair question: Are you supposed to add more product/conditioner to the hair on the second day or just wet and scrunch?

Thanks for helping out this clueless newbie!


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    Hi welcome to CURLY!

    I don't have any product specific suggestions yet as I'm still looking for what I like. As my hair can literally be a 2c one day and a 3c the next and I'd like a touch of consistency.

    The whole thing is A LOT of trial and error. Don't be afraid of stuff you can buy from wal mart Kroger or walgreens. they actually carry some great stuff at better prices.

    Best piece of advice I have is read through lots of stuff on here. See what sounds like your hair...make lists of stuff to try.

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    Hi. It really is a ton of trial and error at first. I can't really plop or do anything upside down, for instance, and I need to use a hard hold gel to diffuse. You could"try the LA sports gel since it's pretty cheap, or if you can find the Volumax mega gel that's another common one. Here's a whole ton of reading for you, it's a lot to sift through but so so useful.
    Experiment with different product application techniques, and keep track of what you tried and what the results were till you get results you like. For second day, different people use different techniques. Some mist their hair with water or a curl refreshing product, some add a bit of water and scrunch in some more leave in conditioner or gel, again unfortunately you just have to experiment.
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    I'd suggest keeping a hair diary. Include information about the weather, including dew point, what you did to your hair at the beginning of your day (whether you washed your hair, what and how you applied it, how you dried your hair, and if you did any other styling) and impressions of how it worked (initially, by the end of the day, and points in between if they seem important to you). It will start to sort itself out.

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    I second the hair diary. And make friends with frizz; it's pretty hard to get rid of entirely.

    Don't go out and buy a bunch of products and try them all at once. Change one thing at a time, do it for several days, and keep a log of the results.

    Don't be afraid to experiment! I violate a lot of the rules of curly hair care, but it works for me. I don't apply products to sopping wet hair. I don't diffuse. I brush (egads!). I don't co-wash. I try not to spend more than 15-20 minutes on my hair. I don't have the patience to fuss with it.

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