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Am I a 3a? I am new to the CG method and I need lots of help with my products and routine.
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    I'd say your are 2 b/c woth 3a potential in spots. More important to find products are your properties like fine/medium/coarse, porosity, density (thick/normal/thin) and elasticity (which is trickier to figure out).
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    Thanks chupie, how do I figure out my properties?

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    Here's another link about hair properties. Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free Personally, I like this one better.

    The e-book on the website is very reasonable and has all of the information in one place.
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    Thanks ladies. All this information has been so confusing and overwhelming. I am thinking about getting a hair analysis, is it worth the $$?
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    I think a lot of people get a lot of useful information from a hair analysis and I don't think many people have ever regretted getting one done.

    That being said, I've never got one and I don't feel like I've lost out or anything. I just go by how my hair behaves and learn what my hair likes through trial and error. Don't get me wrong, knowing your properties is good, especially when asking for advice, but I don't tend to choose my products based on my properties alone. I tend to go by which ingredients I know my hair likes and doesn't like.

    So yeah . . . if you want one, great. But don't feel like you NEED one. Of course it's the most accurate way of knowing, but you can also just as easily work out your properties by how your hair behaves.
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    It is the most helpful and accurate way to determine porosity.

    Can you explain further what you are confused about, what you would like help with and what you are currently using in products and techniques?