I want back my Curly hair!! PLEASE

Can someone help me out? I got a straightning keratin treatment done on December 11th 2014 and I am soo dissatisfied with how my hair looks!! I hate it soo much! Its not even straight like I have been told the treatment would do to my hair..now it just looks soo messy and lifeless and has no personality or style to it..I really regret getting it done an really appreciate my curls much more and I want back my super curly hair back..ive been told it would stay up to 6 months and its already 4 months into it and half my hair is wavy/straight//messy/ugly/doesnt know what "texture' it is! I nee to know if I will ever get back the hair I had before I put it through this trouble and how do I go about in achieving back my curly hair! Please any product recommendation/tips/whatever let me know..I am in need of guidance1 :pale:


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    Keratin treatments help straighten but doesn't take all the curl out. I still had to blowdry out and flat iron when I had the Keratin treatment and when it wore off my hair never went back to it's previous curl.. i just had to let it grow and cut off the treated areas.

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