Menopause/Night Sweats and Curls

IrishIndianIrishIndian Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey ya'll !
This is my first post so if I ask a question that's been answered 100 times, please forgive me. I really did look through the past posts and didn't see what I need to know.
I'm going through menopause, or close to through with it, I'm 48.
All my life, menopause or not, I have had horrible night sweats that last either a few days, weeks , or every night for a month.
I know we are supposed to sleep with a satin bonnet and/or pillow but... I sweat horribly even on nice cotton pillowcases , so I can't even begin to imagine sleeping with something on my head, much less something on my head that doesn't breathe and on a pillowcase that makes me sweat even without something on my head.
Is there any way around this , or a different combo that will help?


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