Has relaxer changed the texture of my new growth?

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Hey. I am currently transitioning. When I had my last relaxer done I used a new relaxer for the first time. When my new growth started to come in..it felt different, it felt tighter than usual. I'm wondering has the relaxer changed my curl pattern? The hair stylist didn't use a protective base on my scalp. I had huge dried crusty parts at the back of my head. Now I'm thinking that a combo of trying out a new relaxer for the first time and her not basing my scalp has caused my natural hair texture to change. I'm afraid that might have permanently changed the pattern of my new growth. Please help. I don't know what to do.


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    Contrary to what a lot of individuals may post on the Internet there are no actual documented cases anywhere that exists that states that relaxers or even flat irons have permanently altered or actually have the ability to permanently alter the natural curl pattern of anyone's hair. Our hair can take upon temporary changes due to a variety of things. However, you must understand that ones hair is genetically defined, and there is no relaxer that can permanently change the genetic DNA of anyones hair. While you are transitioning, your hair will be undergoing a gradual process of reverting back to its fully natural texture and curl pattern. The best advice that I can give is that having a good haircare regimen in place that fully supports the health and maintenance of your hair while it is in its current transitioning state is very key, as well as learning to gain acceptance towards ones own natural hair is also very key as well. I definitely would not stress out over what happened with your last relaxer. I would simply continue moving forward with your transition towards going natural, at this time. And, look forward to one day proudly wearing your hair out in all of its natural glory.
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    The texture of my hair has permanently changed from chemically straightening it. My hair used to go out to my shoulders and sometimes even passed them. I pretty much had a lion's mane. I no longer have that.

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    There is no way anything can change your hair that it hasn't touched, besides the chemical processes of your own body.

    New growth is much healthier than old growth. That's what you are seeing - 100% healthy hair. Your curl pattern most likely was weaker before due to the condition of it.
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