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Hi all - I could really use a curly haired mentor! I spent 10 years chemically straightening my hair before finally going natural about two years ago when, mid-growout with a half-pin-straight/half-frizz-ball head, I went in to a DevaCurl-loving salon for a major cut. Growing up, my mom had superfine, very straight hair and I never really got to learn much about caring for my hair type. DevaCurl was my first real introduction into the naturally curly haired world and while I appreciate it for that, I think it's time to move on. I am looking for styling tips in general, but more specifically suggestions for a curly care routine.

A little about my current routine and hair:

I was told at the above-mentioned hair salon that I had botticelli curls and based on my research, my curls seem to be mostly 3A and 3B, with very tight ringlets closer to a 3C at the nape of my neck and looser curls at the crown. My hair is very coarse, medium (maybe high) density, and low porosity.

I've been on the no-poo train for 2 years and I don't plan on going back. My hair is color treated. I use Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense 2 to 3 times per week when I wash my hair. I've been using the DevaCurl UltraDefining gel and I am not loving it anymore.

My biggest struggles are (1) not liking my current gel, which feels like it might be drying my hair out, (2) feeling like I can never predict how my hair is going to turn out because despite consistency in routine, there seems to be inconsistent results and (3) maintaining the integrity of my curl the next morning without having to rewash. I often wake up with a mess of frizz and a ton of knots around the nape. I've tried lurking through old posts to get a sense of others routines but I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information and combinations of curl type, porosity, thickness, and so on.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    Curl type is relatively unimportant. It's transient based on dewpoint, product, technique, etc. It helps to have more data to give your suggestions. The best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties. Here's a link to help you with yours Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free

    The e-book on that website is inexpensive and has all the info in one place. It's a good read.
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