Tipping in a home salon

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The new article on the front page about how to treat your stylist prompted this post. I've mostly had my hair cut in salons, and I found a nearby stylist I liked--let's call her "K". When I went to book my 2nd appointment with K I found she is now cutting hair out of her home. I booked with her directly and got the haircut a few weeks back, at her house.

A couple of years ago I had my hair cut in a different stylist's home, and when I offered her a tip she kindly refused it because she didn't have the fees and overhead that were involved in working for someone else in a salon. So for this most recent cut I didn't even offer K a tip, just paid the haircut cost. K didn't seem upset or anything, I'm just second-guessing myself now. What's the standard procedure for this?

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    I would offer a tip, and then act accordingly based on her response.
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    if she is charging you a very low price, i'd offer her a tip as claudine suggested.
    years ago i had a friend of my daughter's come to my house to do my color. she would apply the color to the roots, then leave. and i'd just hang out puttering around house, then rinse it out, done. loved the convenience. i did not give her a tip, but i did increase what i gave her over the years. and, around the holidays i did give her a big tip.

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    She charged $30 for the cut, which was the amount I paid in the salon for my first cut with her. I don't think that's astronomical but I don't call it "cheap" either, like a Lemon Tree or Supercuts haircut. I agree I probably should have just offered and let her turn it down, but I felt super awkward for some reason.
    2B/2C for the most part, dense, coarse, porous, NEVER SHINY!!!! :angry1:
    Loving my new pixie cut!
    Gracefully going grey
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    I don't think you should have to tip in home because they are setting their own prices.

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