Wash n' Go in an hour...not 3

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So I've been natural for a few years now, but right now I'm on my 3rd big chop.

I'm used to everything that comes with rocking a twa but I'm trying it differently this time around and I would really love your help!

This time around, I've decided to just let it BE. No 2-3 hour wash n' go routines and long processes every few days. I'd like to cut my 3-day routine down to an hour(max. 1.5hrs with deep conditioning days).

I'm also sticking to more natural products. I'm currently using Terressentials hair wash which works WONDERS on my curls, and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie(though not as natural as I'd like) to keep it moisturized through the day.

The only problem I'm facing is FRIZZ once I've stepped out of the shower. I don't mind a bit of fluffy-ness but I'd like to keep the shiny and smooth hair that I see while the Terressentials is in my hair.

Do you have any recommendations for hair products or techniques for controlling frizz? Preferably products on the natural end of the spectrum?(aka NOT EcoStyler)

Note: I have super thick 4a hair


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    You could try making your own gel e.g. the flax seed gel. Or buy it of etsy from someone.

    I haven't tried it personally but if other products that other curl types use work for you due to your other hair properties, then this should work.

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