Hair care troubles

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So my hair's been feeling off lately.
I believe I'm low porosity with majority coiler cottony texture and a looser pattern know the back.
I attempted to do wash n go puffs which left me with a bunch of knots so I trimmed my hair.
I tried to do the water only method and used shea moistures acv shampoo to rinse off the residue. Because I don't have a lot of sebum yet, my hair ends felt dry. The other night I applied coconut oil and went in the shower and I had major tangles and some breakage. I'm trying to not use combs so I finger detangled. I then applied olive oil on my hair and Shea better on the ends and twisted. the next morning my hair felt oily and dry at the ends which were frizzled out and had some knots which I proceeded to cut off.
Im trying to go on a no product routine, but the olive oil felt too greasy on my hair. It could be because of the coconut oil not rinsing completely and since it's 40-50 degrees right now my hair was left dry and hard. I could have also used too much.
I also have avocado, jojoba, and castor oil that I just recently purchase, but looking at the products I use such as the curl and style milk by Shea moisture, it has enough oils in that it should be sufficent enough to seal my hair without extra oils. I also have the smoothie but it leaves my hair hard and dry I think because of the aloe vera and glycerin in it.

Coconut oil smells so good and I want it to work but it keeps making my hair hard and causing my ends to break off. And I'm tired of cutting my ends every three days.

For my leave in,I'm using kinky curly knot today.

Since what should I do? I've been thinking about clarifying with bentonite clay to get all the residue out and start new. I'm trying to use all my products up before buying more or going completely product free.
Please help and thanks in advance!
Also if you use castor or olive oil, is there a odor to them? I know with castor a little goes along way, should the same be applied to olive oil?


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    Also I think olive oil made my scalp itch.
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    I know a girl who swears by grapeseed oil. She melts shea butter down in a double boiler and adds grapeseed oil to it and that's her leave in. I heard her say something about aloe too.

    I like to put olive oil or coconut oil overnight then cowash out in the morning. I do that a couple times a week I dont know why but leaving coconut oil in for styling make my hair frizz but it does soften it and my hair is extremely coarse. The olive oil does wonders for my frizz but too greasy to leave in.

    Have you tried making any flaxseed gel?
    Oh and personally I didn't care for jojoba oil. I have a bottle and use it from time to time but it's nothing great to me.
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    Jojoba oil can't penetrate into the hair shaft as the molecules are too big, so I wouldn't really use it unless you have another product underneath such as a detangler or moisturiser. Oils and butters are neither of these.

    Like already stated you should leave coconut oil on over night to 12 hours. The same with castor oil and avocado oil. In fact castor oil is more penetrating than coconut oil so you don't have to leave it on as long, while avocado oil is less penetrating so you should leave it on slightly longer.

    I personally don't use olive oil on my hair or skin as I find the smell unpleasant. Though I have used in the past when I have had no choice due to other oils not being available. I haven't used pure castor oil either.

    Water washing doesn't remove any oils and butters so you need to ensure you use a little of them - you actually need less than you think - , or be willing to use a conditioner/cleanser to remove them.

    If you hair is definitely low porosity then it will be difficult for any of the oils to penetrate your hair and you should really look on the low porosity board to find out what products and ingredients others are using.

    If you are really having difficulty with your regime it's worth getting hair analysis done.

    Goosefootprints on etsy is recommended on here by many as she also gives you a list of ingredients which will help your hair.
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    You and I might have similar hair.

    Coconut oil is very heavy on my hair and often leaves it crunchy, very very oily or stiff. I only use it for detangling/pre-pooing so that I end up washing it out pretty soon after it's applied (it's cheaper than my preferred oil :icon_smile:)

    Products heavy in shea butter also would sit on my top of my hair and not moisturize it fully.

    Castor Oil is good but only in moderation because it causes tangling and matting if I am not careful.

    Olive Oil causes me to break out, so I avoid it!

    Like the poster above me, I recommend Grapeseed Oil. My hair has been finicky as of late, and the one thing that has consistently softened my hair and/or helped the moisturizer I use actually work better is Grapeseed Oil.

    I recently repurchased (on sale) SM JBCO Leave-In. It's creamy and moisturizing, but it also causes build-up and for some reason ends up in residue whiteness faster than I'd like. However, I combine it with Grapeseed Oil + Water and my hair feels softened.

    Please report back, I'm interested to know what works for you! I had a rough time this winter w/ tangles & moisture retention!


    Last Relaxer: 12/24/2012
    Weekly Products I'm Using:
    Pantene Relaxed & Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner
    Blue Magic Hairdress
    Grapeseed Oil
    my hair is normal-ish porosity / dense / fine+medium strands
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    Thanks everyone!
    Last night I used the acv shampoo and the 10-1 Shea moisture superfruit masque.
    For styling I used the as I am leave in ,aloe Vera gel, and castor oil and trimmed my ends.
    I think my hair likes aloe gel. I remembered that I left the aloe juice out and that coukd have affected why I disliked it.

    The masque has the best slip and I was able to detangle a very tangled section of hair in a minute! I might use it as a styler or leave in since it smells so good and leaves my hair soft and mosturized.

    I might use the other oils for a hot oil treatment or to massage my scalp with it. Castor oil works really well in my hair!
  • AfromuffinAfromuffin Registered Users Posts: 158
    I also might start just wearing my hair in twists twist outs to keep it from tangling.
    I think the wash n go messed up my ends

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