REAL Devacut stylist recommendation in Colorado? (not bad one saying they do Deva)

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A little background info: I have been curlygirl method since 2001 and got my hair cut regularly at Devachan NYC from 2001 to 2005. I am intimately familiar with what a devacut is and what it is not. Since moving to CO in 2005 I have had nothing but trouble with the "deva certified stylists". Many of them do their own thing, calling it a devacut that they have evolved into their own method. And then others state they are doing a 100% devacut and either don't have a clue or don't care. The most recent one split up my locks and cut, used a method where he 5" strips/segments of clumps between his two fingers, stretched them out above my head, and cut straight across so that the hair was the same length between his fingers????!!!! This is a technique employed with straight and wet hair. Long story short, my hair is butchered like never before and I am not happy.

So, I am sending out a request to the curlies who are familiar with a TRUE Devacut, one in which each individual curl is cut separately on it's own like the artwork they perform at Devachan and that these "certified stylists" should be replicating. Does anyone in the Denver/Boulder (heck, I'll even drive to Fort Collins or Colorado Springs at this point) who offers and executes an honest-to-goodness Devacut? I'm desperate here. Next measure would be flying back to NYC. :(

And yes, I looked at the Stylist section and have already tried many of the higher rated ones to no avail.
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-co-wash w/Devacurl No-Poo or Suave conditioner
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