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Hello All,

I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

I wear my hair in buns all the time and secure my hair with Ouchless bands, will this break off my hair wear I am putting the band around?

I have had the terrible experience of heat damage. It is a good portion of all of my hair, (If you do a search with my name you will see my post) but anyway I am not interested in using heat for a long time. I have not used heat since Jan 16, 2007, but when I am ready to use heat (maybe in a year) will my hair break off where the heat damage is? ( I will invest in a maxiglide or do a Dominican Blow-out)

For the baggy method do you moisturize on wet or dry hair?

Thanks, and God Bless
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    Blowdrying is veeery stressful on the hair and fragile hair may break again.

    I would suggest allowing your hair to air dry or diffse dry on low (if you're in a hurry) and flatiron veeery carefully.

    A good 1-inch flatiron to try would be either the Solia or Jilbere brand. I think the Maxi has teeth and that would kind of cause tension like a regular straightening comb if hair is very thick. And the blowouts aren't really a good idea for hair that is naturally more resistant to being blown straight. Remember, your hair is a lifetime investment, so choose carefully.

    But, I think you're on the right track and giving your hair a year or so to rest sounds great, but you just have to give yourself time to recover and that also should include medical support if needed. I would suggest seeing your dermatologist just to make sure your scalp and follicles are not damages or unhealthy.

    Also lots of water, green veggies, vegetable protein and a solid multi vitamin + biotin supplement cocktail should help a lot as well.

    good luck!
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