Still no curls 1+1/2 years after relaxer!?

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Please help. I would very much appreciate any advice you all can give me.

My hair type is a mixture between 3a and 3b, mostly 3a Caucasian hair. I relaxed my hair at the end of September 2013, first and last time. I finally did the big chop in February 2015. The curls at the front of my head are very curly but the back of my hair won't curl at all! Just a wave (the nape area seems fine).The contrast and lack of volume at the back looks ridiculous. I have been wrecking my head trying to figure out what has happened to my curls. I have considered it being hormones because of a new contraceptive pill I'm on for 7 months or 'scab' hair as a result of my follicles being damaged from the relaxer. But I have a year and a half of natural hair, and the whole strand looks the same. So it is hardly any of those reasons. I did straighten my new growth when I was transitioning but I know its not from heat damage because I rarely did it. I don't use any special curl treatments, I never really did.

I thought my only hair journey at this stage would just consist of growing my hair longer but it feels like I am back at square one! :homework:

Has this happened to any of you? What can I do?


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    Your hair pattern may not be what you think it is and actually be something else.

    People blame hormones, dietary deficiencies etc but often your hair is different to what you remember.

    If you post pictures - you can blank out your face - people can make suggests for styling your hair.

    Also what are your other hair properties? Without these the styling advice given won't be very goo.
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    By your posting, I am not exactly sure of what type of advice you are looking for. As, you mentioned that your hair won't curl, after not having a relaxer in it for 1-1/2 years. You mentioned that the front area is very curly, but that the back area of your hair just won't curl-but that it does have a wave to it. Since the back area has been described as having a wave to it, then yes, it does have a level of curliness to it. It's just that the back of your hair just happens to have a much looser curl pattern than the rest of your hair is all. What your seeing is simply your natural hair, and nothing else.
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