Frizzy Roots & Other Areas!!!

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Hey! So I did the big chop last summer of 2014 l, my hair used to be down to my waist but had severe heat damage so I cut it to my shoulders and my 3b/3c curls sprung back.

But one problem that I have is that in the top near the roots and in others areas such as the front of my head is really frizzy.

Any suggestions!?!


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    I have 3b-3c hair that reaches too the middle of my back, I also have a lot of Frizz if I am not careful. My recommendation is to use lots of product, and lots of conditioner.
    ogx and aussie both have some great conditioners.
    Some of my favorite hair product brands are Jessie curl and aussie, I am also currently trying too use aloe Vera jell as hair jell, it is working really well so far.
    Or you can make your own Frizz spray by mixing water,conditioner, and your favorite hair jell together in a spray bottle. then just spray it on your hair to redefine your curl.
    Hope this helps!

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    use oils like coconut oil on your strands to tame frizz...rinse hair with cold not hot water, increase your hair's moisture by doing simple water baggying (spray a leave in & put on a shower cap) & using avocado,olive oil & honey diy deep conditioner.

    always seal in d moisture with an oil.
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    Could it be the way you apply product? I find that I often miss my front hairline with both conditioner and gels.


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