How to be a Stylist?

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Hello Everyone,
Id like to SPECALIZE in natural hair. Does anyone know how I should go about this? Id rather not go to cosmetology school since im not interested in doing skin, nails..ect.. Advice?
Id just like to be certified.
I live in the LA/ Sa Gabriel Valley Area.
Thank you
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    hi lexi! devacurl has an academy that you could look into and also google the curl doctor who has a salon in studio city, I think they also train stylists in curly hair!

    Devacurl Academy

    Hope I was able to help and that you become a styhlist! us curlies need you!
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    In California you have to be licensed. So if you don't want to do color you could become a Barber and that would mean less hours to get your license. Otherwise you have to become a cosmetologist. There is no other way around it. Licensing is done for the safety of the client. And once you get through school I would go to the Deva Curl Academy for there education on curly hair because when you get out of school you will not know much about curly hair. Sorry there isn't a way around the licensing.


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    I agree with Studio138. I used to work for a cosmetology school. In most US states, you have to have a license to legally work as a hairstylist. Most schools don't teach about curly and kinky hair, other than they're both bad. They also don't explain porosity and hair strand size in much detail. You would have to take continuing education courses to learn more about curly hair.

    Becoming a barber is quicker but there are limitations on what you can do so I would stick with cosmetology school. There may be cheaper programs through a community college than the overpriced beauty schools advertised.

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