What is frizzy hair?

Throughout my natural hair journey, which only started 10 months ago, I've mostly experienced dry, brittle, unmanageable hair. I've tried everything between the max hydration method with CLT treatments and making my own butters and oil concoctions, thanks to Naptural85 (love her!). I am now obsessed with Carol's Daughter. I must've spent $300 already and I only became their customer a month ago. Since using their products, my hair has become extremely manageable and there's finally some elasticity. But still my curls are barely curls. Each curl is covered by what I think is frizzy hair. I pull on a curl and gently feel its texture; it's soft but its not a smooth finish. It almost feels bumpy. Am I making any sense?

I can't tell you what this has done to my self confidence. I've worn hats and head wraps all winter (with the baggy method and/or greenhouse effect) and I've avoided social events for the same reason. I just want to wear my hair naturally without looking a hot mess. Please help?

Thanks in advance ladies!