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Lazy natural looking to convert

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So... I'm tired of detangling my hair.

I'm tired of twist outs. Especially failed twist outs.

I'm considering getting locs. And I suppose this is my very first starting place for information, next to Google and Youtube.

I'm afraid this may sound rude, but I just want to be bluntly honest: Are locs perfect for lazy people? I love the feeling I have when I wear braids and I can just get up and go with very little maintenance. But braids are expensive. I'm thinking locs are a cheaper alternative?

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
One of the main reasons I am considering locs is because I'm thinking they are easier to manage- and they just look cool and fit my personality ;)

I really like this girls locs and I would love to have something like this. I'm not sure where to start or what "sister locs" or "braid locs" or "free form locs" are, but I'm seriously considering just going to a local salon and getting starter locs. I'm assuming that's something all beginners get?


Anywho, thanks for any help and sorry if I sound rude :)
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    Firstly, starter locs are the style used to begin locs. I used micro braids with my hair because i wanted micro/small locs and i knew i wanted to maintain them by latching them. Secondly, locs take work. They must be washed and dried thoroughly and also moisturized to avoid breaking. To avoid breaking or locs joining you must separate and/or retighten/twist them. I retighten every 8 weeks because i like to have about a good inch of new growth.

    Types of locs:

    Free form- stop combing and allowing the hair to determine the size and shape they want to be. This requires possibly separating the locs on occasion unless you want a few large (congo) locs on your head.

    Braid locs- (the method i used) braid the hair into sections the size you want your locs to be. The size of the loc depends on the method of maintaining. Mine are smaloer than a pencil so i use a crochet latch hook to retighten. Larger locs are usually retwisted. I chose this method because i have more contol over the size of my locs and i avoid unraveling when i wash my hair.

    Coils/comb coils- this method is what most people use to begin their journey. This takes work because the coils may unravel depending on how loosely curly your hair is. The coils must be retwisted often untilnthe hair learnd to stay in that coil pattern. This method works bedt for tightly coiled hair.

    Twists- this method is similar to the braidloc method. You can control the size and parting. Depending on how tightlycoiled you hair is you may have to retwist after washing or heavy sweating

    One thing that a lot of people belive but is a total myth is that not washing the hair helps it loc better. This is NOT true. Clean hair locs faster because of less oil to cause slipping and unraveling. Another myth is that to stsrt locs you have to cut your hair. This is also UNTRUE. your hair will tighten and shrink which will causeyou to lose length anyway. I started with shoulder lenth hair when stretched. Once the locing process was done my hair was just an inch below my ears. Google loc stages and read up on it. It is a really cool process to watch as your hair does its own thing.
    If you have any questions just let me know. I will be more than happy to help!
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