Temple areas weak (4 year old)

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My daughter's temple areas are bald. They aren't shiny bald there is hair it's just super thin. We just went to the doctor yesterday and she was stumped. I've always noticed that the area was thinner than usual. I don't pull her hair back, use rubber bands or braid her hair so I'm stumped. We had ring worm ruled out (older brother had a case in December).

The doctor recommended we go to our hair dresser but we don't have one. She also recommended a dermatologist. She also has an unusual looking scalp. All over her scalp it looks like she has tiny stress bumps although we don't wear styles that cause stress.

Any recommendations? Doctor had also stated to eliminate product. I'm stumped because we literally only use shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and conditioner wash with vo5 and occasionally shea moisture.

Any help would be truly appreciated.



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    I'd definitely get her to a dermatologist because of the bumps.
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