Will my hair get curlier?

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My hair is somewhere inbetween 2c-3a (depending on my good days and bad days.) I have always worn my hair curly, but have just started taking proper care of it. Will it become curlier as I continue to take care of it?


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    There's no way to know for sure. From my own personal observation, people with very damaged hair and/or people not used to wearing their hair curly see the most dramatic change. My hair was already pretty healthy when I stumbled upon this site, so I saw no real change in curl pattern.
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    It probably will not get Curlier, however the curl may get more defined which will make your hair appear Curlier. Also how old are you? If your hormones are changing your hair may become more or less curly.

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    Most people experience improvement in curl when they start the CG method as, after years of fighting against their hair they are finally embracing it and using products which emphasise their curl.

    If you've always worn your hair curly and don't straighten etc. then I'm not sure you'd see much of a difference, as the difference for most people comes from after they stop damaging their hair and begin growing out healthy locks.

    Who knows though? Only time will tell . . .
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  • bubblydreamerbubblydreamer Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thank you this helps a ton!
  • bubblydreamerbubblydreamer Registered Users Posts: 4
    I am 13, but I look like I am 15, so it might change.
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    My hair got curlier, but that was only because I straightened all the time and was unaware of the wonders of scrunching my hair. It may, or it may not. If it does, it may not be for a while, so don't have instant expectations for anything spectacular. Nothing happens overnight.
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    I haven't chemically straightened since 1967! Worn it curly since 1973, or so. Never used products until I started lurking on nc.com in 2007. My hair got a lot curlier. So, it just depends. A good haircut, the right products and techniques may make a difference. You'll never know until you try.

    And yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks, LOL!
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