Long-tern transitioner and struggling with massive frizz. HELP!!!

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this community, I am a 3c natural, long-term transitioning (it's been 2 years). I have been following the cg method for the whole transition and my hair is horribly frizzy. The only way my hair will curl is when I apply lots of eco styler to it, other than this it looks like a big frizzy mess with very little definition. When my hair is wet it does not clump nicely like girls say there hair does, it is frizzy, even when dripping wet. Today I clarified to see if the problem was build-up but nope, same problem.

Here is a break down of my regimen:
- I co- wash once a week with tressemme naturals, deep condition weekly with shea moisture products, leave it on with the heat cap for 1 hour.
- Rinse with cold water, t-shirt dry my hair.
- Then I do the LOC method, leave-in kinky curly knot today, followed by either argan or coconut oil and the either gel or shea moisture curling smoothie or a shea butter mix I make.
Every product I use does absolutely nothing for calming down the frizz and defining my curls. The only thing that works is the eco styler gel and I need to use a lot of it for it to work, my hair is shoulder length. After that initial wash day, I low bun and wrap my hair in silk scarf. When I wake up and take my scarf off my hair is super frizzy so I apply more gel. This continues every day until my next wash day in 5-6 days. The frizz is out-of control! Should I return to the silicones? I don't know what to do. Please help. :( I thought maybe my hair was low porosity but my hair gets wet very quickly when I apply water to it, however I feel like my hair does not respond right to products. I don't think it's heat damage because the only heat I have used within the last year and a half is the heat cap for DCing. PLEASE, PLEASE Help me figure this out???:confused5:

Sorry for the rant but I really need help :(


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