Newbie here...

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HI everyone! I'm a newbie to the forum. I've been a natural for about 5 years now. The STRUGGLE is REAL! But, I believe with much prayer & help from any or everyone here I will make it thru this trial.
Believe it or not, I say I'm a 4ab&c/Thin/Fine hair girl.😊 I know, sounds wierd huh? But I am so serious. The stuggle for me is not working with my coils...I Totally enjoy that, but for some reason I'm really struggling to keep my hair. It breaks and sheds so bad all the time.
I'm truly enjoying the read on this forum...lots of brain aches which can be overwhelming for me. ☺ But I'm not one to give up; just need to be encouraged & inspired, which is why I'm here.
Looking forward to hearing from each of you.
Much LOVE!

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