would really like some help dont know where to start.thinking of going the no poo rou

I would like others opinions on figuring out what type of hair I have. I have tried everything and can't find something I like enough. Am I suppose to use sulfate free shampoos, alcohol free products? All I know is when I brush my hair when its dry it gets really puffy. My hair gets very frizzy and dry and looks all over the place. I just need help and recommendations. I heard having my type of hair you should wrap a cotton tee shirt around it while wet. My hair is very thick and I avoid blow dryers. I attached some pictures here my hair


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    Hello, lykeomgawditsAMY:

    I am totally new to having curly hair, so I'm still pretty lost myself as to products and techniques. I'm sure others will be along to help on that score.

    However, I believe that brushing your hair is probably not a good technique, especially in the winter when your hair is drier and static builds up so readily. Before my hair became curly, it was long, lanky, and thick. I used only picks or very wide-toothed combs and only in the shower after I already put in the conditioner. Then I didn't comb it again. It worked out much better for me regarding static, breakage, and tangled pain!

    All the best.

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