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lykeomgawditsAMYlykeomgawditsAMY Registered Users Posts: 10
I would like others opinions on figuring out what type of hair I have. I have tried everything and can't find something I like enough. Am I suppose to use sulfate free shampoos, alcohol free products? All I know is when I brush my hair when its dry it gets really puffy. My hair gets very frizzy and dry and looks all over the place. I just need help and recommendations. I heard having my type of hair you should wrap a cotton tee shirt around it while wet. My hair is very thick and I avoid blow dryers. I attached some pictures here my hair just came out of the shower no product in it not brushed.


  • JennCarPatJennCarPat Registered Users Posts: 1
    Sulfate free shampoos are a must. And get rid of the hairbrush. You should be able to find out what type of hair you have on naturallycurly.com once you figure out your hair type there are tools and videos to help you find the right products and methods to deal with your hair :)

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