Salon stylist let-down.

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I see that this forum is supposed to be about media and family negativity, but not only the media and families are negative. Sometimes you actually get to pay to be the target of negativity.

When my hair recently grew back curly after receiving chemotherapy, I was floored and at a complete loss how to deal with it. After it got to be about 1-1/8" long and looking pretty shaggy around the edges, I went to a salon stylist in order to develop a long-term plan.

However, the woman said over and over that she knew nothing about styling curly hair and could only advise me if my hair were straight. She didn't come right out and tell me to have it straightened, but her harping strongly implied that curly hair was a real-life physical disability.

Eventually she trimmed around my ears and sides so that I didn't look so much like a light bulb, but I'm definitely not going back.


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    Boing, I'm so sorry that you experienced that on top of what you have already gone through. That woman is incompetent and ignorant.

    I hope you get some excellent tips from this website.

    Good luck to you and be well and happy. I wish you the best! :toothy2:
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    Maybe there is a curly hair artist near you? Here is a list
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    How incredibly insensitive of her, not to mention completely unhelpful, sorry you had to experience that.
    My mil's hair grew in curly after she had chemo, I remember her saying to me that she suddenly understood why I struggle so much with my hair "it just doesn't do what you want"! A few months down the line and her hair reverted to it's normal straight texture, so hopefully yours will return to it's normal state too.
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    Aw. What a shame that you had to go through that.

    In my experience, the best thing to do is just plan ahead for your next trim by asking around to see if there's a really great stylist in your area. If they are great, they can work with curls, it's just part of what they do.

    I recently got a trim, and found a great stylist by asking around. When there seemed to be a consensus (multiple people all recommending the same person) I made up my mind to let them do the job next time I needed a professional trim.

    When making the appointment, maybe just go in for a consult, to talk to them and get a sense of their attitudes and abilities. If they reject a consult, move on to someone else.
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    Starmie wrote: »
    . . .A few months down the line and her hair reverted to it's normal straight texture, so hopefully yours will return to it's normal state too.

    Well, I'm not saying that I mind it being so different; I'm just so lost and surprised right now. It is like a new adventure and will force me into taking my hair care more seriously.

    I was extremely lassaiz-faire before; with long lanky, thick hair; using only whatever shampoo was on sale; a wash-out conditioner so I could get a pick or wide-toothed comb through it while in the shower; then a leave-in conditioner afterwards if I remembered. If I was going somewhere special, I used a shine spray. I let it dry hanging down on it's own or would twist it into a messy chignon which would still be damp that night. I washed my hair every 2-3 days, otherwise my scalp and skin would dry terribly. No hair dye ever.

    The staff at the infusion center said that clients' hair stayed curly while they came in for procedures, but they didn't know how far into the future the curliness lasted after they stopped coming. They, my husband, and friends all think it looks "cute". CUTE? I want to look devastating!
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    Love your attitude, boing! Welcome to the club! Sorry it had to be through such a rough path, but I'm glad your chemo is over.

    There's a learning curve with curls, but you'll master it in good time.

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