Video Interview Outfit and Hair Style

MKcurlyMKcurly Registered Users Posts: 103 Curl Neophyte
I'm applying for new jobs. I was asked to do a video interview after submitting an application. The way this will work is that I will be sitting in front of my computer at my kitchen table and their website will record my responses to the questions written on the screen. Later someone watches my responses.

I will only been seen from the waist up. How dressed up should I be? Should I have on a suit jacket or just a nice top?

I think my curls worn down make me look young(too young). Normally I wear my hair down for work but for this would like to have it pulled off my face. I think a pony tail would look bad for this because I'll only been seen from one angle, and my ponytails don't look neat due to frizz around my crown from broken curls pulled back.

Any suggestions would be welcome!


  • butter52butter52 Registered Users Posts: 292
    That depends on the kind of job, but you cant go wrong with a blazer on a nice top.

    About hair, I think both hair down or an updo should be fine as long as it looks neat.

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