DIY Edge Grow and "Tame" Pomade/Balm

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So I have been using a DIY Edge Grow and "Tame" Pomade (which can also be made into a balm) for the last 2 months and wanted to share :D.

It has worked really well whenever I want a more "polished" looked e.g. "sleek edges" and none crazy flyaways, even though I do not really mind a bit of frizz but every now and then when I do a neat bun I want a sleek look.

A little of this goes a really LOOOONG way so I literally only need a dab at a time (mind you I do have fine hair).

  • 0.9oz. Unrefined Shea Butter
  • 0.5oz. Unrefined Mango Butter (you can use any other semi-soft butter)
  • 0.7oz. Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 0.4oz. Coffee Bean infused Almond Oil (can be replaced with any carrier oil)
  • 4 Vitamin E Capsules (roughly 0.2oz.)
  • 0.15oz. Castor Oil
  • 4 drop Citronella Essential Oil (Optional – you can use any Essential Oil of choice, Peppermint is a good choice to simulate growth).

This is what it looks like once everything has been combined (before setting).
Before setting.jpg
I prefer using it as a pomade so I let it set naturally overnight and this is what it looks like.
Pomade 2.jpg
For a balm consistency let it set in your fridge for no less that 4 hours (it would be best to let it set overnight). You might need to restore it in the fridge after each use in order to keep the "balmy" consistency.
Balm 2.jpg
It is a never ending exciting adventure!

Stopped using relaxers (Mid 2009) and Hair Dyes (Mid 2011) :wav:


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    I also have super fine hair . This looks awesome! Any gel recipes that you use or other recipe that you like?
    Learning my curls one day at a time..
    3c baby fine soft curls
    loves moisture/ steam not too much tho?
    Creams work best . Gels are a work in process. loving Cantu curl gel at the moment.
    Dedicated product Junkie :)
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    I like it!

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