Attractive to the oppposite sex... or just insects?

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After using store-bought products most of my life, I've switched to a fragrance free/harsh chemical free shampoo. I was looking at the recipes because I feel like I have a thick layer of gunk on my scalp that I need to get rid of. I'm not sure if there's something about my new shampoo or if it's because my nails are too weak to really exfoliate my scalp when I do shampoo my hair. I liked the look of the yogurt mask/conditioner which calls for honey. I know you wash it out, but does anyone find themselves the victim of unwanted attention from insects? I seem to attract them naturally anyway so I'm concerned about adding to my yearly torture. I gave up flower or fruit scented products ages ago, but bugs still seem to love me; especially my hair. So I guess my real question is should I avoid honey all together or take a chance and hope the bugs won't find me even more attractive than they already do?


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    VaniJoy, I can't say from experience so rely on anyone else who chimes in more than my .02, but I have read that bees and other insects are attracted to fragrance. I personally would avoid honey if you are in a situation where there are likely to be insects, but I'm phobic about bees.

    I'm just not sure it will wash out completely.
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