stolen account?

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gretchen, michelle -

there are several posts from "punk rock girl" on the non-hair board that appear to have been made by her "boyfriend" using her account.

i think the posts should be deleted and her account should be removed or the password reset at the very least.


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    Good observations, gals. Let me see what I can find out.
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    Ya know, I responded to that,and in hindsight I realize I was a bit hasty.
    Maybe we should delete it.

    I think I'll delete my reply.

    It kind of weirds me out now.

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    Mar, you were just being a good board participant.
    I'm not sure what's going on. I'm inclined to wait and see if more trouble brews up.
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    I also noticed that there is a PunkRockGirl and a punk rock girl. I don't know if they were both the same person or not. It does seem as if the boyfriend is using
    punk rock girl, making it seem like the account has been stolen.
    This is just what I think- maybe I am wrong.

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    gretchen, do you have a policy in place for things like that happening?

    i have my home computer set to enter my name and password when i log in and, i suppose, theoretically, someone could sit down at my computer one day, show up here, and make a bunch of posts using my name.

    have you reset her password? emailed her to let her know what's happening? though, if he's using her account here, i'm assuming he's compromised her email account too.

    i realize i might seem hasty, saying delete the account or reset the password, but having your account compromised and then the site letting it continue just squicks me out majorly! what's to stop "kevin" [if that's who it really is] from continuing what he's doing if we don't protect lisa's account?

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