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Hello, I'm a life-long natural just trying to get the hang of a healthy hair journey. I've been coming to this site for a while but just decided to join it :roll:

I'm still a little unsure, but I guess I have low porosity roots to high porosity ends. My bangs are definitely low porosity. Low to a few spots of medium density and fine to (a few) medium strand areas. I'm still unsure of my curl pattern, so I focus on moisture, tangles/frizz. When my hair is frizzy it means tangle-city, so no way. I really do care for healthier detangling-methods and curl definition. I don't care for volume at all, I don't really need it I've become used to my density over time.

I really want to avoid matting and dry tangled hair, but retain moisture and strength. Length retention is a +, but I need the other two more regulated 1st. I've checked through older threads and articles but not much seems to help. Is it there something in my regimen or something else that I'm missing?

I currently use Shea Moisture Baby Shampoo in Raw Shea & Chamomile (when needed, or wise I just co-wash).

(Occasionally I do a green tea rinse)

Conditioners: Desert Essence "Red Raspberry or Grape"
TheraNeem Naturals "Moisture Therape"

Leave-In: Alba Botanica Fragrance-Free Leave-in Conditioner

Sealant: Castor Oil

Stylers: KCCC (which I still haven't mastered lol),
Alba Botanica Strong Hold Style Gel (still trying it out)
Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Gel (only used it on my fly-aways)

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