Getting my curl type back

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So basically i've had 3b-3c curls for most of my teens, they were really coily on the side and nice and tight and even though I didn't know what to do with them they still got compliments. Two years ago after searching for a new hairdresser who could actually cut my hair I found someone who had a grasp of it. He suggested I did a short back and sides which I agreed to and it looked nice. Now I have decided to grow it out abit but have two problems.

1) My curls have a kind of slicked looked now instead of the tight coily look they used to have, the curls that grow around the line used to seperate the shaved bit kind of look like they're hanging instead of coiling.

2) The curls aren't growing properly around the top part because the hairdresser razored them in through his comb.

Basically i'm curious to know if just shaving my hair down to a 3-4 would help me curls grow back in coily all over.

Sorry for the long post and thanks.


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    To get more responses, pics would help greatly =)

    I expect that once the cut is grown out your curls will rebound.

    After all, it's the way it springs from your head, so all new growth will be as curly as it was prior to the cut.

    If you're keen on the idea of just chopping it all off to start anew, I suppose that's also an option.

    I love me a cool and funky haircut but unfortunately, growing them out is a pain. It's about a year now I'm only just now getting past the awesome pixie cut I was rocking last Spring.

    To get past the awkward phase, I did (and still do) a good deal of finger curling and then there were a lot of little claw clips.

    Again, some pics would help with suggestions:thumbright:

    ETA: the right styling products & techniques can help you get past some issues as well till hair grows back, pictures along with whatever you know about your hair's properties will help people make suggestions.
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    For some reason i'm unable to post pictures at the moment. How many posts do I need before I can post a link to imgur?

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