New 2C! Hiya!

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I'm Knitapeace all over the web so if you know one from another site it's probably me. :hello2:

I've been CG for about 3 years now but just this weekend had to do a total reset because I didn't realize Trader Joe had reformulated their Nourish Spa conditioner. Grr...

I've been elbow-deep in research to try and get my hair back on track with the right products, so I've spend a fair amount the past few days and intend to probably spend a little more before I'm done. Wish I had the funds for the higher end stuff but for now I'm sticking with what I can get locally. I'm already pretty sure I'm going to have to find a different leave in; the Shea Moisture doesn't have the amount of slip I need to detangle

Anyway that's me, just wanted to post and test my sig, etc. See you on the boards!
2B/2C for the most part, dense, coarse, porous, NEVER SHINY!!!! :angry1:
Loving my new pixie cut!
Gracefully going grey

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