Pineapple method/bantu knots

sorpeguerosorpeguero Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey curlfriends!
Ive been natural for about 8 months now and I am still learning what works for my hair and what does not.
I noticed that the pineapple method does not work for me, it just stays up where I had it. I try to fluff it out, but it just doesnt work. :crybaby:
Also, I have been living off of bantu knots and they only last me a day. After that, they loose shape and no longer become beautiful and bouncy.


  • cassy1cassy1 Registered Users Posts: 7
    Try mini ponytails I instead of one pineapple.

    For Bantu twist them then Bantu it. Also use a light gel when doing this it will hold up better.
    Gels: fantasia ic styling gel, Talia wajid curl sealer, Aussie hairspray, mouse, etc.

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