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Interesting thongs are happening really close to my 2 year Natural-versary.

I don't think EdenBody Works cleansing conditioner is for me. My hair just will not clump after coasting with a cleansing conditioner.

I've tried HairOne as well, got similar results. As if there is a barrier or something between the strands and the won't stick together.

I seem to get the best wash and go's after I clarify or chelate.
I use Pantene Aqua Light as a leave-in and ecostyler. I wonder if that is interfering with anything?

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    Hair One has amodimethicone in it, which could be a contributing factor.
    Some people just can't cowash. I couldn't cowash with hard water, but I can now that I have soft water. If you do better with chelating, then cowashing probably isn't for you. Do what works for your hair.
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