Restoring heat damaged hair.

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Hey! I have 3B type hair and I've been using a flat iron every week for the past 4 1/2 years and my curls are totally gone and look hideous =(. I just for a hair cut December 30,2014 and i stopped using the flat iron for about a month or two now as well as switching to sulfate free shampoo and is see a difference. I do want to find some kind of deep conditioner to moisturize my hair. I was wondering if someone would help me out with some starter points and products to help my hair restore itself (curls and shine). I'm currently using Shea Moistures Smooth and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner also Tresemme Flawless Curls Conditioner, Cantu leave-in and Cantu curl activator. I find that the Cantu leave in weighs my hair down too much its so thick. Does anyone have any options as for a leave in conditioner. The Tresemme is okay but doesn't leave my hair as smooth as I wish it would. I like the shampoo and conditioner but I'm thinking of switching to DevaCurl products. I would love any help I could get regarding products and techniques as well as feedback on the products I'm currently using. Thank you in advance. Please help I'm dying to get my curls back =(


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    I wouldn't advise DevaCurl products in the wintertime, if your dew points are low and it's cold outside.

    What helped repair my hair when I had significant flat iron damage was Curl Junkie Repair Me and getting trims often until most of the damage was cut off. And a lot of patience.
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    CJ Repair Me is excellent. The protein may make your hair a little stiff, so you need a good conditioner afterward. Curl Junkie makes a great conditioner called Curl Rehab. I often mix the repair me with the curl rehab. Definitely revitalizes my curls. It costs some, but both last a very long time and I haven't found anything else as good.

    I think that combo will do the trick for you.
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    I would try using using a coconut oil treatment, that stuff works best for the parts of my hair that still has damage. Try and make sure your hair is always moisturized, and I would recommend getting frequent trims so that you can slowly get the damage out.

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