Organix Coconut Water vs. Coconut Curls?

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So I went binge shopping on my lunch break today and picked up the Organix (OGX) Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the new Coconut Curls Shampoo and Conditioner (it was on sale...what can I say?!)
I have very fine, wavy/curly hair, and have been doing extensive research on how to define my curls now that I live in a drier climate. Unfortunately, I do have to shampoo often; however, I find that my hair still lacks volume after conditioning and applying product.
My question is this: am I over conditioning and weighing my hair down? Do you think that the OGX products I bought will help? If so, which ones? Any help would be more than appreciated!!

p.s. I am currently using Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo, Pureology Hydrate Light conditioner, KCKT (leave in), and Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper mixed with the Curl Keeper Gel.


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    The shampoos seem awfully drying, so I highly doubt you are over conditioning... and especially in a dry climate. My guess is you probably have some buildup. If you were truly over-conditioned, your hair would feel like you were squeezing seaweed through your fingers when it's wet. You would definitely know it, as it's unlike anything you'll ever feel in your hair.

    Does Pureology conditioner contain a silicone? I know OGX does. From personal experience, I've found if I apply too much over a silicone, then my hair feels a little gunky and falls flat. I also had no luck with Curl Keeper, but many here like it.

    As a start, I would get yourself a gentler shampoo. Also, some people are sensitive to polyquaternium ingredients and can't use them. The tell-tale sign is frizz when wet. These are just suggestions to look into. On sale products are not always the way to go when it comes to curly hair.
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    Hi shadlock, any updates on your product trials? I am SO curious about the coconut curls shampoo!!
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    Experimenting with Organix Coconut Shampoo and Kinky Curly Custard
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    I haven't tried the shampoo, but I love Ogx new line coconut curls Hair butter and the New coconut curls mousse ( from ulta ) . I also love the Ogx creamy argan hair butter ... ( im not cone free) I also have fine 2b curls. I love to use a very thin coat of Ogx hair butter with a styler or gel over top. I do finger twist rope like and air dry , to beautiful long soft curls. My go to soft styler s now are 1.african pride curly custard (new) OR 2. cantu define and shine. both great combos!
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    Ps - I am referring to the New line of OGX Quenching Coconut Curl Curling Hair Butter and OGX Quenching Coconut Curl Frizz Defying Moisture Mousse, ive only see these at Ulta so far, some of the Hair butter are also at walgreens and a few drugstores...
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    Hi Shadlock I know this is an older post but found it when researching the OGX curl quenching line of products that I just purchased.

    In response to your original question not sure of the ingredients in the pureology products but when I tried KCNT it left my curls flat and limp so I couldn't use it. Also if you are using too many silicones in your shampoo & conditioner it can also give you less volume and smooth the curls out.

    I was actually looking to try these products because my hair has gotten curlier over the years of doing curly girl technique and I have too much volume and was trying to remember what products I use to use before doing curly girl and remembered I always used shampoo & conditioners with silicone in them so I thought I would try these to help my hair have less volume and less frizz and so far I like them a lot, I use the shampoo & conditioner and then my regular condition 3-in-1 mouse and my hair is softer but still has a lot of curls with a little less volumne and doesn't have that thick feeling that I don't like and also has less frizz. I'll have to use it for at least a week to see if it continues. I also tried the milk but made my hair feel producty and not silky at all..
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