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Hi! My name is Danielle and I have just begun transistioning a month ago. When I was 9, I got my hair relaxed TWICE! Big mistake! 👎 And even worse, my hair grows EXTREMELY SLOW! I've been using oils, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, NO HEAT, and NOTHING is working. So I just wanted to share my hair transitioning journey with you all!
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    Hello Danielle!

    I'm glad that you made the decision to transition. I definitely do wish you well towards going natural. When one first begins transitioning, it is very easy to find ones self becoming overwhelmed. As, there are alot of products on the market to choose from, but you actually don't need a whole lot of products to maintain hair that is transitioning or even that is natural. Also, while transitioning you can choose to wear your hair out ( in wash n go styles, straight styles, buns, ponytails, rollersets, rodsets, strawsets, bantu knots/bantu knotouts, braids/braidouts, or twists/twistouts) or in protective styles (such as wigs or weaves/extensions).

    The main products that you really need in your regimen is a sulfate free shampoo or cleansing conditioner, strengthening conditioner, leave in (optional-use as needed per your own individual hair needs), and a styler (whether it be cream or gel based). Some individuals like to do pre-poo treatments, before they cleanse their hair, which is certainly beneficial for one's hair too. Good oils to use for pre-pooing with are olive oil, coconut oil, and JBCO. It is always good to use an oil that is 100% pure.

    Good luck to you! :mrgreen:
    Diagnosed with Scalp Eczema 6/2015
    (Don't hair type/loose curl pattern/fine texture/low density/high porosity

    Current Regimen (Ayurvedic Based):
    Cleansers- Bobeam Shampoo Bars
    Stylers-Rotate between Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter and Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

    I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!

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