to make a long story short for years I used vo5 to cowash my hair and derm organic argan oil masque. for the last 2 years the medicines I am on have thinned and loosened my curls. Now after 2 brain surgeries I am completely bald can anyone give me any tips to pamper my curls when my hair to grow back in? Thanks in advance


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    I'm so glad you survived and I'm sorry for what you've been through. I don't have any advice on caring for completely new growth. I think basic cg methods would work. Your hair may grow out different than in the past. My own hair is different curl pattern than years ago. Sometimes hair will grow out curlier or looser than it was before. But no matter what the texture, keeping it healthy will help. Make sure you get enough vitamins. If you end up with more waves versus curls, you may need to switch from co- washes only to no sulfate shampoo. I was once a curly and now a wavey. Being gentle is best.
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    {{{Quirky}}} I had brain surgery also, but didn't go through what you are going through.

    Look at it this way - it will be all new virgin (so to speak!) hair. It hasn't been messed with at all, so as long as you treat it gently, it should look great!

    Very, very best of luck to you going forward. Better times are ahead.
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    Thank you ladies, I'm getting all of these staples out today :). And thank you for your advice, I will have to keep you informed on how it comes back in.