My visit with the Golden Girls -- I love them

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Before I changed full-time jobs last month, I was working three jobs (one full-time and two part-time). One of my part-time jobs involved driving a bus for a retirement home, which I did for almost two years. The job was more or less like driving "The Golden Girls" around. Despite the generation gap, they pretty much grew on me and I grew on them. I enjoyed a wonderful relationship with them as they enjoyed having a young male bus driver. Some would even kid that they were going for a ride with their boyfriend. I became a curly-haired grandson to them. Anyhow, they were sad to see me go but I told them that I would visit from time-to-time. I came in for a visit last weekend at lunchtime. I visited with several of them and it was like we didn't skip a beat. The hugs, embraces and kisses as we greeted felt great.

I almost felt better visiting them in this setting than I did when I was on the payroll because it truly felt like a selfless act. Old people tend to have a reputation for being crotchedty. While there is that element, I found that if you treat them like they matter, they will return the favor. The visit with them felt so wonderful and more are in order.
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    That's so funny that you call them The Golden Girls. I have been visiting and helping out an older lady for years and now she is in a private nursing home with 2 other ladies and I call them The Golden Girls. They are so fun and funny. All they really care about is talking about my cat Todd and my mouse Sir Ian. I take them pictures of the animals and they save toilet paper rolls for Sir Ian (they sign them with their names - To Sir Ian from Grandma Kaye, etc. Sweet.).
    I will take one of the pets up to visit them when the weather warms up.
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    I am glad you had a nice visit. That sounds like it was a good job. One that allowed to you establish bonds anyway.

    I personally do not know or undertand why someone would treat any elderly person as if they didn't matter but going into/dealing with nursing homes does show you that many will. I think it's heart breaking when family puts them in a home and walk away. So many never have a visitor and usually love having a conversation with younger people.

    When I first started my job (911) I was amazed at the number of people who would call and request officers go check on their parents or grandparents when they lived half a mile or less away from them. They didn't feel like having a conversation at that moment. Ridiculous! They often have the most amazing stories, advice, wisdom and every right to be grumpy.
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    Thank you, ladies. When I first took the job, I didn't know how it would go given the generation gap. I had just gotten a Class B driver's license (requirement) to drive the bus. I was just looking for driving experience. During the interview, the manager told me the job would require showing patience, etc. Oddly enough I had more patience with them than my own kids. I think half the battle dealing with old people is resigning yourself to the idea that you are not going to change them no matter what you say or do. From there, they become much easier to deal with. Long story short, they grew on me. Anyhow, it's a no brainer that I will visit them. I love them .:)
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