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I haven't always had curls, but since having kids my hair has gotten increasingly curlier. I have figured out that I have wavy 2c hair, low porosity,high density. I haven some ringlets, some curls, some waves and some straight hair. And lots of frizz!

Recently I made a bet with my sister in law that I would go a full year without dying my hair. I figured this was a good time to try and embrace my curls and see what they could look like with some effort.

I need help though. I wash with a sulphate free shampoo, and use Moroccan oil or John Frieda frizz control cream. I have read about flax seed gel, but never tried it.

Please help! How do I control the frizz! And add definition to my curls!


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    Both the Moroccan oil and the John Frida have silicones I believe. If you aren't using sulfates those will probably build uploading to more frizz. If you look up Curly Girl Method you'll get a better handle on what to do. Most of the way to fight frizz is moisture. A good starter conditioner is Tresseme Naturals Radiant Volume or there is a new one with good reviews Tresseme (un) Done. I saw it at Target today. If you have a Sally's they have a good conditioner call Generic Value Product Conditioning Balm. I like that heated up with a little honey for a deep condition. You probably need to deep condition once a week or at least once every two weeks. Most wavies also need some definition and hold. There are lots of products to try. Sally's also has a great gel called Volumax Mega. They have As I Am products. Most wavies I know like the co wash. It's the only one I can use. It does clean AND condition.

    I always thought this blog post was a great starting point

    So first I would read that and then look at the products you are using.

    Technique is also important. How you do things matter too and are often a matter of experimenting until you find what works for you.

    If you are on Facebook there is a very active group if you search Wavy Hair Community. There are a lot more wavies there and a lot more detailed discussion of various techniques.

    That's a lot of information but I think you have the right idea but only half of it. You ditched the sulfate but you need to also then ditch the silicones. Some wavies still need to dilute sulfate wash at least once in a while or at least use a little stronger sulfate free clarifying poo like Kinky Curly Come Clean found at Target.

    Does this help?
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