2a-c still having trouble with frizz in, mostly, the canopy

QuincyQuincy Posts: 12Registered Users
Hey everyone!
I have 2a-c hair. Low porosity. Doesn't seem to like protein.
So here is my current regimen:
  • Co wash with Vo5
  • Condition with GVP Conditioning Balm
Today I washed out the GVP and then applied a little more before StC. It felt like my clumps were all weird before.
  • Squish to condish like crazy.
  • Without moving from the shower, apply a liberal amount of Eco Styler Krystal.
  • Scrunch with a t shirt to remove a little bit of the moisture and then plop with a separate T.
  • Plop for 10ish minutes and then diffuse until 80% dry.
I am getting quite a bit of frizz on my canopy. Is there anything I can add to my routine to help?


  • mandymaemandymae Posts: 150Registered Users
    Your waves are quite pretty!

    Check the ingredients on your V05. Some, but not all, of the conditioners do have protein in them. Are you waiting to SOTC until your hair is 100% dry? Some people to get more canopy frizz if a scrunch too early. When this does happen, I rub a little pomade in my hands and very lightly smooth over the top. This tends to get the frizzes under control.
  • QuincyQuincy Posts: 12Registered Users
    Thank you! Of course, that picture was taken on my best day. :)

    I may have mussed my hair too much today because I tried to do some clipping. Since it was my first try I may have messed with it too much.

    Do you have a CG approved pomade I could try?

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