January Hits, Misses, & Goals

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I thought we could combine hit, miss, and new year goals.
Lace Naturals More Moisture Cream
Lace Naturals Brahmi Root Hair Masque
Lace Naturals Rhassoul and Bentonite Clay poo bar.

I bought on of her products at a hair show and ordered just that after. Was I missing out. My hair loves this stuff and plays nice with my Ecostyler. But closed till March for maternity leave.

SM Hibiscus conditioner
I have never liked anything in Hibiscus so not surprised but since it was given had to try.

My goal is to better protect my ends from ssks and splits. I want to do less trimming because I have to and more because I want to like for shape.

Goal is to finally master rollersets and bantu knot outs. I have seen some yt videos with new techniques that may work for me. I think doing it on wet ha hair was way wrong for my hair.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:


  • ParatyParaty Registered Users Posts: 394
    • Elucence MBC
    Using it from Fall to Winter and having it work consistently without needing to switch. I think I have found a true Winter HG for my low-porosity, protein sensitive hair.
    • Natures Gate Vitamin E Oil Blend
    I add it to every leave-in, conditioner, shampoo, styler I am applying on my hair. My hair has never looked shinier, healthier or felt softer. I also use it on my face at night and my complexion and Winter dry patches are softer and more even. Love. :love4:
    • Giovanni DLI to quench and soften my dry, brittle roots (caused by a clarifying shampoo :confused3: )
    • Indian Ghee as a deep conditioner/pre-poo. Model Liya Kebede mentioned she uses it on her hair when she visits salons in Ethiopia. It worked! My hair was pliable and moisturized.

    • Kenra Chelating Shampoo
    My HG clarifier once a month or when I flat-iron my hair. I had not used it for two months and this time it left my roots + scalp dryyyyyyyyyy and itchy. That explains my constant struggle with dry roots for almost six years before switching to CON Argan shampoo.
    • Sally's GVP
    My HG Deep Conditioner is a FAIL this Winter because of the humectants. Leaves my hair frizzy in dry weather. I am back to my CJ Rehab (for Winter) and my hair is smoother.
    Balance: Sticking to new simplified routine and spending less time on hair, while still enjoying time grooming hair and keeping it healthy.
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    Routine: Cleanse Kenra Clarifying, Deep Co with Matrix Biolage Balm + oil (EVOO, avocado, KCPP or Wild Growth oil),:glasses1:Style with Matrix Biolage Balm + KCPP; or Aloe water + KCPP + KCCC; or CR Almond Jai + styler (KCCC, KCPP or Treluxe Hi Def gel); or Treluxe combo (Treluxe UK leave-in, KCPP, Treluxe Hi Def gel); or Eco gel alone (Argan or Olive). Avoiding Buildup with low glycerin, coconut, shea, honey, non-keratin protein.
  • Raquel28Raquel28 Registered Users Posts: 46 Curl Neophyte
    Hits: Nothing new
    Misses: Neglecting my hair

    Goals: Style my hair more. Try new products. Get back into a consistent hair routine.
  • AwakenedDesiresAwakenedDesires Registered Users Posts: 88
    France Luxe Large Interlocking Combs

    I was hoping that these would be able to act as a banana clip, but there was so little space between the tines that the combs could only hold a miniscule amount of my hair at a time. Why can't someone make a banana clip that will hold all my hair? :?
    Last relaxer: 8/23/06
    BC: 10/24/07

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