Any Adelaideans here to recommend a good hairdresser?

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I'm hoping someone can help me. After my last disastrous cut from a local hairdresser, I was hoping to find a hairdresser in adelaide South Australia who can cut and care for curly hair without taking most of the length off or just destroying it. I am mostly 3b with a tendency towards 3c

My hair desperately needs a trim but as it is taken two years to grow the last disastrous cut out, I do not want to spend a fortune on something I am not happy with.


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    Good grief, another Adelaidean! I'm not on fb so I'll say hi and bye as I've noticed Aussies tend not to stick around here, unfortunately.
    I just go to a local hairdresser. I live in the southern suburbs and used to traipse up to Stirling but the hairdresser I saw there left the salon and I didn't know where he'd gone so I just thought I'd try my local shopping centre and I'm quite happy with the girl I found. She's not a curly specialist or anything, cuts my hair wet, doesn't do anything particular but I'm probably the happiest I've ever been with a stylist. I know where my previous one is now but he's really not as good (for me) and a damn sight more expensive.
    Whereabouts are you? I have a curly colleague who sees someone in Dulwich who she really likes, but I'm on hols atm and probably won't see her for a while.
    3b in South Australia.
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    Yeah, I sort of noticed the Aussies don't seem very talkative on here. Maybe it is a cultural thing or just hard to find information that is relevant to us.

    I live in Belair so Dulwich is close to me. The humidity is driving me mad at the moment. My hair looks like a fuzz bomb went off at the moment.