Apple cider vinegar wash cause more oil in scalp?

MIA1487MIA1487 Registered Users Posts: 85 Curl Neophyte
For the first time I used Apple Cider Vinegar alone to wash my hair(4c texture)
I noticed that the oil production from my scalp came back with a vengeance after usage.
My hair was clean for the first 3-4 days then it HAD to be washed.

Normally my hair doesn't produce this much oil from my scalp so quickly(which means I have to wash my hair more frequently).
It usually produces this much oil in at least 2 weeks.

BTW I dont EVER put oil on my scalp because my scalp produces enough anyway. So I KNOW it was the apple cider vinegar I applied to my scalp

I think I may use apple cider vinegar along with shampoo next time.

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