Long damaged hair looked better than shorter heathy hair

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At least when it was long and damaged it had a more even pattern 😠
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    It's the tricky thing about a long wavelength pattern - sometimes it has to get long enough to do the things we think might be ideal. It always grows back though, that's the great thing about hair!

    That being said I just cut my length back significantly and I am loving it so far. I have multiple patterns and my stylist tried something yesterday that was just brilliant for my textures and patterns.

    Give it a little time, sometimes hair freaks out a bit when it's been subjected to a cut.
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    I've done numerous cuts on my hair thinking the ends were damaged. They'd look frayed and messy so I'd try deep conditioners with no luck, so I'd lop off an inch or two. I stayed away from protein because it didn't seem possible to me that that was the problem. Well I finally tried a very simple protein treatment (using gelatin) and my hair loved it! Wow, all those needless haircuts!

    My wave pattern looks SO MUCH better when my hair is longer! I need length for my waves to full develop. I've actually taken before and after pictures of myself and liked the before better!

    I think now that I understand my hair looks better longer I just need to work on ways to make sure the ends are tended to (I'll continue dp and add pt) and if I'm going to go for length I've started experimenting with use jaw clips in the crown to encourage root volume and to also aid in drying all over. I think jaw clipping was my biggest discovery! Love the uniform volume it creates and love the way it helps me to air dry. Plopping was never 100% successful for me so this is working out well!

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