Starting a gym class tomorrow.

Betty_BoopBetty_Boop Registered Users Posts: 57
It's a pilates yoga mix.
Besides a towel, mat, & water, is there anything else you yoga or pilate pros suggest?
I have hair tie, T, Old Navy Saturday pants, & low cut socks. I hope this is ok dress.


  • kucikaskucikas Registered Users Posts: 36
    Well, I am going to yoga classes, but I mean it is not gym yoga, it is real hymalian tradition yoga... So I say, if you want something in life do it, but if you are going to this yoga pilates thing, my deep reccomendation would be: Do as much as YOU can, don't try to pull yoursef where you can't, Rome wasn't build in a day, so this needs patience, practice and self awarness. Do everything in little steps and you will be suprised what are the result after some time. Have fun and don't look how others do excercises, YOU are not THEM, YOU are YOU so what can you do is your thing, not others. After many years going to yoga classes I can still see how others are better than me, but it is ok with me, because I am going to yoga not for others, i am going for myself. So have fun, go to those classes and don''t overplay. :):wink:
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    Make sure when you bend over that your tshirt doesn't fall up, it'll drive you insane. I practice yoga in a tank top so there is no shirt movement (because really, when you have to keep pulling on it, it'll compromise what you're trying to accomplish). Have fun!
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  • Betty_BoopBetty_Boop Registered Users Posts: 57
    Uh oh. T ride up. Not good. Thanks for the advice! I'll tuck the shirt & tie the pants tight. :-)
    I've not taken an exercise class since the late 1980s or early 1990s. That was true aerobics Richard Simmons style. Lol So I won't be pushing myself to do what others do. Oh no.
  • Betty_BoopBetty_Boop Registered Users Posts: 57
    I think I got the wrong mat. It's thin and their floors are hard, thin tight weave carpet. I like cushioning.
    And I forgot my water!

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